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At the heart of my professional career and passion, I lead Wolf Eye Films and Wolf Eye Agency, where my primary focus is divided into three interconnected areas: film production, commercial creation, and multicultural marketing.

*Film Production and Commercials:* I specialize in bringing creative visions to reality, overseeing projects from the initial concept through to final production. This process encompasses everything from script development to post-production, including directing on set. My goal is to tell powerful stories that resonate with audiences globally, using visual narrative techniques that not only entertain but also inform and move.

*Multicultural Marketing:* I apply my expertise in design and digital marketing to develop innovative marketing strategies and advertising campaigns that speak to a diverse audience. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity and representation, my campaigns are designed to transcend cultural boundaries and connect brands with audiences in meaningful ways.

*Innovation in the Metaverse:* I am at the forefront of exploring new platforms and technologies, such as the Metaverse, to deliver unique brand experiences and immersive marketing campaigns. My focus centers on how these emerging technologies can be used to enhance storytelling and brand interaction, setting new standards for advertising and entertainment.

Through my work at Wolf Eye Films and Wolf Eye Agency, I consistently strive to push the boundaries of creativity and technology. My passion for visual storytelling and commitment to excellence drive me to create content that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of my clients and audiences. With each project, I aim to leave an indelible mark on the industry, contributing to a legacy of innovation, inclusivity, and success.



As the founder and CEO of Wolf Eye Films and Wolf Eye Agency, my mission is to revolutionize film and commercial production, positioning myself as a leader in creating audiovisual content that captures the imagination and mobilizes emotions. My focus is on excellence in cinematography and advertising production, where each project is an opportunity to tell compelling stories that connect with global audiences. This commitment then extends to multicultural marketing, where I leverage my award-winning experience to design and develop innovative campaigns in the Metaverse and beyond, promoting brands with a strategy that transcends cultural boundaries. Through Wolf Eye Films and Wolf Eye Agency, I aim not just to entertain and communicate but also to inspire change and understanding through visual storytelling and strategic marketing, making a difference in the world of cinema, advertising, and cultural impact.»

This mission emphasizes your focus and dedication to film and commercial production as the cornerstone of your work, followed by your influence in multicultural marketing, reflecting a balanced approach that prioritizes meaningful content creation and effective marketing strategies.

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My experience is reflected in a diverse range of skills, where production, creativity, writing, and direction become the pillars of excellent results.

As an audiovisual producer and marketing specialist, I recognize that videos are more than just a means to tell stories; they are emotional bridges that connect us with the world. My approach goes beyond merely communicating messages; I aim to touch the audience’s heart, awaken deep emotions, and leave a significant mark on society through the power of visual language.