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Ramon Alejandro Urdaneta(Ray Sensation)

As an audiovisual producer and marketing specialist, I recognize that videos are more than just a means to tell stories; they are emotional bridges that connect us with the world. My approach goes beyond merely communicating messages; I aim to touch the audience’s heart, awaken deep emotions, and leave a significant mark on society through the power of visual language.

About Me
Ramon Urdaneta, known as Ray Sensation, originally from Venezuela and now based in Atlanta, is the CEO and founder of Wolf Eye Films and the multicultural marketing agency, Wolf Eye Agency. A renowned producer, director, and writer, Ray has previously served as the Director of Marketing and Producer at MundoNow, collaborating with global brands such as NASCAR, Coca Cola, McDonald's, Rocket Mortgage, ESPN, Walgreen, J.P. Morgan, and Georgia Power. Specializing in design and development of campaigns in the Metaverse, Ray has been awarded multiple Emmys and Telly's for his work, known for his ability to blend emotional narrative with strategic marketing. His expertise in graphic design and digital marketing enhances his approach in audiovisual projects and advertising campaigns.
As a winner of multiple Emmy and Telly awards, my accolades highlight excellence and innovation in the global audiovisual field. These prestigious awards not only validate the superior quality and significant impact of my work but also reflect an unwavering commitment to exceptional creativity and visual storytelling. Being recognized with these awards demonstrates my ability to transcend conventional boundaries, deeply connecting with global audiences through powerful stories and cutting-edge productions. These honors are a testament to my passion for raising the standard in audiovisual production and my dedication to creating content that not only entertains but also inspires and resonates with viewers around the world.
As an audiovisual producer, filmmaker, and marketing specialist, I understand that videos are more than just a medium for storytelling; they serve as emotional conduits that link us to the world around us. My approach transcends the mere conveyance of messages; I strive to engage the audience's heart, evoke profound emotions, and make a meaningful impact on society through the art of visual language.




Proudly partnering with globally renowned and influential brands such as Walgreens, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Rocket Mortgage, NASCAR, Georgia Power, Atlanta United, Argos, IST, ESPN, and other esteemed local entities, our collaborative efforts have been recognized with numerous Emmy and Telly awards across a range of categories. This acknowledgment is a testament to the exceptional outcomes of our projects and the innovative, creative solutions we provide. Our diverse client portfolio reflects the deep trust these prestigious brands have in our ability to craft resonant, impactful experiences for their audiences.

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